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Mermas Compounds

Mermas produces and develops a wide range of compounds for plastics industries and applications.
Our products are designed to improve the performance and the productivity and more importantly to decreases the cost of the row materials.
Mermas is always tries to create a new formulations to cover all the requirements from the customers through our highly experienced staff.
Mermas compound are used in many plastics applications like: Blown film, Extrusion, Injection molding, Thermoforming.


Mermas has been established by a number of industrial groups to serve their highly required compounds and additives masterbatch then expanded its production to cover some sectors in plastics industry and has succeeded to achive a high rank amongst many older competitors due to the very highly experienced production team and the usage of high quality row materials which is supplied by a world class petrochemicals and minerals suppliers .
Mermas will continue their run to reach a more worldwide customers to cover its yearly plans of expansions .
• Keeping the same level of quality and always trying to provide better.
• Delivering the demanded material rapidly on time as it has been promised.
• Providing special products according to demand and be a solution partner.
• Following closely the developments in the world, sharing the changes and the advantages of the market with the customer.
• Give attention to customer satisfaction.

Your satisfaction is a great compliment for us. So we are very interested to get your suggestions and advices.

Our Philosophy

Not only to provide the customer with high quality products and high performance, but customer satisfaction and provide a continuous and sophisticated technological support services. We are focusing on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing their satisfaction.

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Our Mission

To work in partnership with our customer, to create future;
That’s just our policy


  • World Standards

    We operate in every sector of our products and services, to meet the changing needs of our customers, appropriate to the world standards.

  • Environment Friends

    We are developing eco-friendly products, and the existence of a sustainable growth that will add value to the products and services we produce.

  • Best Quality

    Mermas offers the best quality products and services, follows International standards and quality management system as per ISO 9001  

  • Customer Care

    Our thinking and acting aim for identifying the needs of our customers in respect of individual products, services and for covering them in an optimized way. In order to realize this, we always strive for a co-operative relationship with our customers

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